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Gym Me Boot Camp class has moved to
WNC Barbell, 237 Sardis Rd. in Asheville NC
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Located in Asheville, NC. Bodyweight Exercise, Boot Camp, fitness, weight loss, workouts, classes, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, burpees, dips, lunges, plyometrics.... and so much more!


 Gym Me Boot Camp Class Choice Day                   Swim Clinic single arm freesyle drill 

Bodyweight exercises do not require weights other than one’s own self. Because of this, they are the ideal choice for individuals who are interested in fitness but do not have access to strength training equipment.  Most bodyweight exercises require only the use of a floor.  They can be done everywhere.  Exercises can be adjusted, substituted, or modified to meet an individual’s needs.   Self-awareness, self-confidence and self-control are easier to obtain when the main resistance is oneself.  

Body Weight Exercise


Eric L. Vess, the Instructor is dedicated to physical fitness and the service to others.  Eric is on

Eric L. Vess, the instructor, is dedicated to physical fitness and the service to others.  Eric is one of 16 to graduate out of 140 original students of the United States Navy BUDs/SEAL class 212, arguably the hardest training the United States military has to offer.  He has helped a number of Navy Seal candidates prepare for training.  Every one of which passed their screen test.  Every year Eric completes a Birthday challenge.  In 2008 Eric swam 30,000 yards (17.4 miles) in a day.  In 2009 he ran 41 miles at one time.  In 2010 Eric performed 1000 pull-ups.  In 2011 Eric performed 1681 repititions of various exercises in one day. In 2013 over 5000squats.

Boot Camp Class 

This class is designed to be an  intensive strength training and muscle conditioning, cardio, balance, and plyo-metrics  for overall total body fitness and physical readiness.  This class is created to give you the tools and awareness to make fitness a lifestyle change.  These exercises can be performed anywhere.

What do you need?        
Water bottle and a willingness to try.

Swim Clinic 

Located at Zuegner (Skyland) Recreation Center.  Gym Me Swim Clinic is for anyone who would like to perform better in the water.  We breakdown each stroke into it's component parts, concentrating on drills to enhance efficiency.  Effiicient strokes will allow the swimmer to last longer and swim faster with less effort and not as prone to injury that swimming sloppy can produce.  The class has the competitive swimmer in mind, however the tri-athlete, seal candidate, and cross training athlete, and even beginner swimmer have been able to benefit greatly from this class.

What makes Gym Me classes different?

Creating accountability through community atmosphere:
This class uniquely makes newcomers feel welcome and instantly a part of the group.  Feeling like part of this diverse group, who recognizes when participants are not present, creates accountability.  It also, makes it fun.

A diverse group:
We work with men and women of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes.  People start fitness wherever they are.  If you are already in great condition, you will be surprised at the results after the 9 weeks.  If you have seldom exercised,-then you will be surprised of what you are capable and will benefit the most.  For the first time student the average increase in push-ups is 92% and on sit-ups74% .  Don’t feel discouraged if you are not able to do everything. Participants rarely are able to do all of the exercises, but are still able to participate.  Remember, “10% of something is better than 100% of nothing”.

No intimidating equipment:
These exercises are tough.  They will leave you sore, sometimes for days after your workout.  This class uses nothing but your own body weight and gravity as resistance. Using your body weight when exercising allows you to recover faster and maintain the benefits longer.  You will become more self-aware and have greater self-confidence.

You should consult your physician before beginning a new exercise program. 



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Eric L. Vess
828 713-0618

Class Description

Times offered

Boot Camp

This program is designed to be an intensive strength training and muscle conditioning, cardio, balance, and plyo-metrics for overall total body fitness and physical readiness. This class was created to give you the tools and awareness to make fitness a lifestyle change.


$45/ month
Swim Clinic

This class is for anyone who would like to perform better in the water. We breakdown each stroke into its component parts, concentrating on drills to enhance efficiency. Located at Zuegner Center (Skyland Rec.) near TC Robersn High School.
Will begin   February 16, 2015
$75/ 9week




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