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Customer Testimonials

Participants give statements about their successes and challenges on this page.

I cant believe my second nine weeks is almost over! Thank you Eric for helping me transform my body and my life into something I am proud of! And for all you out there that started and quit...COME BACK!!! U CAN DO IT! I never worked out before in my life and have asthma! THANKS AGAIN ERIC!

Hi, Eric,
I wanted to tell you thank you for the great instruction that I have received in the swim clinic. Not having a background as a swimmer, I developed my own inefficient stroke, but that has been much improvied. We are only a few weeks into it, and I have already raced triathlon twice, with great results. The first race, I came in second in my age group on the swim, improving nearly 1 minute over the same course in a previous year. In the second race, I won my age group in the swim. In both races, my performance in the swim ranks higher overall than both of the other two disciplines, yet I am faster in all three, because I have more energy left at the end of the swim. That was not the case before the clinic, so I can directly contribute my gains to what I have learned from you. Much appreciation!
Brandon Horne
Gym me has been great for me. It's helped me remember why we work out in groups, for accountability as well as competition. It's what helps you keep showing up. It's also helped with my self confidence. I walk straighter and more proud. Thanks to Eric for all that you do!


I am in my first year of triathlon training and joined Eric's swim
class which has been great. It caters to all levels of swimming and
has helped me with better form and technique helping me avoid shoulder
injury and conserve energy during long swims. I recommend this to
everyone since it is also extremely inexpensive (9 weeks, twice a week
for 1.5 hours at a total of $60).

Hey all. Just wanted to report on Eric Vess' swim practice at the Skyland Rec (behind TC Roberson HS). I've been joining in on those and they're great.  He's got some killer workouts, different stuff than he had us doing for the past 2 years.  What I like best is we have the WHOLE POOL!  Not just 2 lanes like we had at the other place. At the end of some of the workouts, he pulls ALL the lanes out, creates very choppy water, and we circle swim the perimeter of the pool to simulate open water conditions.
He's signing everyone up for the 2nd 9 weeks now (sign up at the flyer posted on the Tri Club website). This is a bargain. 9 weeks (18 workouts) for only $60. Unless my calculator is wrong, that's less than $4 per workout. He's very attentive to form as well, so there's a high level of instruction. They are 90 minute workouts, too.


Gym Me Boot Camp has been great for me!  I started at 288 lbs and was only able to do a few push-ups and sit-ups and jog for a short distance.  Eric has given me the drive and encouragement that I need and I am now down to 248lbs and was able to complete a 4 mile run without stopping.  I feel great in my daily functions and playing with my grandson after working is not as tiring.  I look forward to the next Boot Camp at Gym Me.
Thanks Eric,
Aaron Sumner


Hey everybody.. tired? overweight? underweight? Eric's Boot Camp will get you to your goals. We test on day one so you have a baseline to measure your success. We test every three weeks and it will blow you away on that 9th week when you have gone down a size or two; increased all your measurements (situps, pushups, ru...nning) by 45 percent or greater. Eric's boot camp creates and incredible energy in you that keeps going all day long! AND it's less then $2.23 a class!!!




I think "Gym Me" ..(Boot Camp Class) a great class for personal achievement and challenging oneself.  This is group participation with personal achievement as its goal.  My personal results were increased by 75-80% in the first 9 week period.  Eric offers both motivation and challenge to the group and the individual no matter what your fitness level.




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